How to Identify a Balinese



Notice if the cat appears smart and friendly.,
Check if the cat likes to “talk” or make loud noises.,
Notice if the cat enjoys playing and climbing indoors.

Balinese cats are known for their intelligence and for their friendly demeanor. They like to be around people and will often follow their owners around. They tend to sit in their owner’s lap and curl up in bed with their owners.Most Balinese cats warm up quickly to new people and enjoy being around children.

, Balinese cats can be big talkers, often making loud noises in an attempt to “talk” to those around them. They will meow and make other sounds around people in an effort to communicate. They are known as a vocal and chatty breed.You may notice that the cat expresses its displeasure by making a loud meowing noise. It may also try to get greet you or say “hello” to you by making noises.

, Most Balinese cats are highly active and full of energy. They will enjoy playing with their owners. Balinese cats do best when kept indoors and when given a lot of space to run around.Balinese cats are also big climbers and will often leap onto high shelves or cupboards.

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