How to Hypnotize a Chicken



Hold the chicken down on a flat surface.,
Wiggle your finger.,
Let go of its legs.,
Draw a line in front of its beak instead.,
Wake it up by clapping.

Hold the chicken with one hand supporting the breast. Place it down so that its breast is carrying its weight and rests on the ground. Continue to hold its feet so the grand experiment can continue.

You can place the chicken on its breast instead. Press gently down on its back, and gently move its legs back if it tries to stand up.;
, Hold the bird down gently with one hand. Put one finger on your other hand just in front of its beak tip, without touching it. Move the finger backward to about 4 inches (10 cm) away, then back again.Repeat until the chicken stops moving or squawking.

, The chicken should be “hypnotized” and cease to struggle. It will lie there for anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes.

, If the chicken wasn’t hypnotized, try this alternative. Using chalk, a stick, or your finger, draw a line on the ground 12″ (30 cm) long. Start near the chicken’s beak and draw the line slowly outward, in front of its head.Some people use a horizontal line in front of the chicken instead.Are chickens afraid of lines? Is there any reason this would work better than wiggling your fingers? Great minds still search for an answer.

, Be nice to your feathered friend and let it get back to its business. Clap your hands or give it a gentle shove until it jumps up and walks away.

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