How to Hint In on Someone That You Like Them



Talk with them.,
Touch them, but not in an inappropriate way.,
Laugh at almost all their jokes.,
Help them.,
Get involved.,
Start seeing them outside of school.,
Ask for their number or email address.,
Don’t ever tune them out.,
Compliment them.,
Have them over to your house for a study date.,
Pull them aside and say “I heard a rumor spreading that you like me.,
Consider just passing a note to them saying that you like them.

If you don’t know them well and you are shy, have a friend tell them you like them.,
Hang around them, with your friends, or alone.,
Have a friend eavesdrop a bit on them when you leave the room, to see if the say anything about you when you’re out of range.

Make sure you at least have some form of relationship, if it’s friends to best friends. Friends is an excellent way to get to know someone without it being awkward.;
, Bump them gently in the hall, maybe “accidentally” slide your hand over theirs, etc.

, Even if they are corny, people like it when someone enjoys their jokes. However, be careful about laughing too much! It will make you appear false and it will get annoying. A small chuckle or giggle will do.

, If they ever need help with homework, schoolwork, or other problems, offer to help. Don’t just sit around. Helping someone out forms a mental bond that is often mistaken as love. This is obviously a bit manipulative for you to know this while the other person doesn’t, but it does work very well. Still, if you’d prefer not using manipulation to meet your goals, you could always drop this fact with the “Hey, did you know…” method. Not only would it hint towards your interest in an innocent, non-creepy way, but it would also form an opinion of you as a knowledgeable person.

, Ask them if they play any sports. If so, what sports? Do they have any hobbies? What music do they like?

, Ask them when and where their next game is. Try planning a group party, with some of your friends and some of their friends. Anything that will get you talking outside the school, go for it.

, When you do this, wait a little bit before emailing or calling them. When you do call or email, make it quick and not too awkward.

, Pay attention to what this person says. People love when someone listens.

, If they get a haircut, say it’s wonderful. If they got a new shirt, say it looks nice. Everyone loves compliments.

, But don’t overdo it. Don’t dress in fancy clothing or play romantic music. For better results, ask if they want to stay for dinner.

, Is that true? Tell me the truth, I won’t be upset,”. This is sometimes good, sometimes bad.

,, That way, it’ll feel less awkward to you, and they’ll know how you feel.

, You’ll find out more about them, and vice versa.


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