How to Hide Your Feelings from Your Crush (For Girls)



Accept your feelings.,
Focus on the positive.If you’re hiding your feelings from your crush, you have a reason for doing so.,
Avoid negative self-talk.When you have a negative thought, try to immediately replace it with a positive one.

You have a crush, which is normal and healthy, and you’ve decided you want to hide your feelings for now. Understandable! To hide your feelings, you need to stay calm around your crush. To beat your anxiety, you first need to accept that being around them might make you nervous.Being nervous is a completely normal emotional reaction. Don’t fight or ignore the feeling.You don’t need to feel angry at yourself or embarrassed about your nervousness. Accepting it can help you control it.;
, Being around your crush can be really nerve-wracking. You might find yourself breathing very fast or holding your breath when they’re around. This is a normal reaction, but it can make you feel even more anxious. Keeping your breath slow and regular is an easy way to calm yourself down.

Try a simple deep breathing exercise. Inhale while counting to five, then exhale while counting to five.Breathe in slowly through your nose, letting your stomach expand. Then breathe out through your mouth while you contract your stomach muscles., Maybe you’re shy or just not ready yet. Maybe your crush already has a significant other. Whatever that reason is, don’t allow it to affect you negatively. Instead of worrying about things you can’t control, focus on things that make you happy.Whenever your crush enters your thoughts, try humming your favorite song or thinking back on a happy memory. Call a friend or watch a funny video.
It doesn’t matter what you choose to focus on, as long as it brings you joy. Some examples are your pet, the scent of a flower, the memory of your last birthday party, and other happy memories.

, For instance, you might think, “He’s much more popular than me. He would never like me back.” Try to immediately counter this with something positive. You could think, “But I’m popular, too. I have lots of friends and other people have had crushes on me.”

Maybe you’re having thoughts like, “I can’t believe I have a crush on my best friend’s boyfriend. They’re going to figure it out and I’ll lose both of them.” Change that to, “Okay, so I think he’s cute. Big deal! I’m not the first girl in the world to have this feeling. Crushes are normal and this will pass.”
Maybe you’re surprised by who you have a crush on. Maybe you thought you liked guys, but now you have a crush on a girl, or vice versa. This is not a bad thing! You have no reason to feel shame or think about yourself negatively.

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