How to Hide Your Feelings from Your Crush (For Girls)



Distract yourself.,
Find a different way to express your emotions.Repressing feelings for a crush can be really hard.,
Try a new hobby.When you’re busy learning something new and interesting, your crush might not seem like such a big deal anymore.

If your crush is around and you start feeling overwhelmed, force yourself to pay attention to something else. Get out your class notes and study for an upcoming exam. Read a book. Talk to a friend. If you’re in class, focus on your teacher’s lecture. If you’re not in class, call/text a friend or play a game.

Even if you end up staring blankly at a page and not reading a word, it will still help you keep your feelings private and under control.

, If you find another outlet for your emotions, it can help you cope with them better. Lots of people find that journaling helps them sort out their feelings.

You could also try a creative activity, like painting or writing a song.Physical activities can also help you deal with emotions. Go for a run or try a new sport.

, Trying something new will help you focus on something else. Try to immerse yourself in things that will get you out of the house and around other people.

When you find yourself thinking about your crush, actively engage your mind with something else.

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