How to Hide Your Feelings from Your Crush (For Girls)



Speak in a calm voice.,
Have a few topics in mind to talk about.,
Smile and act natural.

Whenever you have to talk to your crush, keep your voice controlled and your tone normal. Being nervous causes a lot of people to speed up their speech, so focus on talking slowly and evenly. Keep your voice light and speak to them directly.

If you need to, practice speaking calmly before you have to be around your crush. Work on a calm tone of voice.

, Being anxious when you’re talking to someone can sometimes make you feel like your mind has gone blank. Awkward silence might set in, which will definitely make your crush wonder what’s going on. When you know you’ll have to talk to your crush, prepare a few topics ahead of time. Have a few questions ready to ask your crush as well in case the conversation gets stalled.

You could talk about things like shared classes, a new movie, music, extracurricular activities, or an upcoming school event.
Prepare questions like, “So have you started your paper for history class yet?” and “Did you write down the homework from 3rd period?”

, Smiling is an easy way to make you appear calmer and more confident to other people. If your crush is a friend that you have to be around fairly often, strive to act as normal as possible when you’re together. Stick to your usual topics of conversation and your typical activities.

Try to avoid nervous twitching and fiddling with things unnecessarily.
Stand up straight and keep your body language positive.

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