How to Hide a Cat Litter Box



Install the box in a storage bench or dresser.,
Modify a cabinet.,
Place a screen in front of the litter box.,
Buy or build your own litter box disguise.,
Surround your litter box with houseplants.

Place the litter box inside a large storage bench or dresser. You can use wood, plastic, or wicker. Cut holes in both ends of the bench or dresser so your cat can easily get in and out.

The storage bench or dresser should be large enough to easily hold the litter box and give your cat enough space to move around in.

, Try placing the litter box inside a cabinet. You can cut an opening in the existing cabinet so you can still open the doors to get to the litter box. Or install a sliding ledge in the bottom of the cabinet. This will let you pull the litter box out when you need to clean it.If you’d like to give your cat the easiest access to the cabinet, consider leaving the bottom of the cabinet open. Just hang a curtain from the top of the cabinet, so it covers the litter box.

, If you’d like to hide the litter box while dividing the room into a space for your cat, set up a large screen in front of the litter box. Or if you’d like something to just hide the litter box, buy a small tri-fold screen that you can put right next to the box.Consider using a Japanese shoji screen if you want a large screen. You can find a design that will work with your space while hiding the litter box area.

, There are dozens of “kitty litter box houses” available online and in pet stores. Many of them also serve as a functional piece of furniture, such as a bench or a wash basin cabinet. Or build a simple one by making a rectangular box with an opening. You can then lower the box over the litter box and simply lift it out of the way when you change or clean the litter.

, Once you’ve decided where to place the litter box, surround it with large and bushy potted houseplants. These can make the area seem fresh and disguise the litter box. Just ensure that none of the plants are toxic to cats (like charming dieffenbachia, jade, lillies, coleus, and ivy).You can even buy large potted plants that have a hidden litter box in the base of the pot. There’s an opening for your cat to get in and use the box.

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