How to Help Your Guinea Pig Adjust to You



When you first bring them home, don’t rush anything.,
Try to get your guinea pig used to you.,
Holding your guinea pig.

Make sure the cage of your new guinea pig is in a place that at least a few people go into several times a day. Sit near the cage and talk. It can be to no one in particular, or just your guinea pig. After a few days of doing that, try to hand feed your piggy vegetables.;
, Feed them vegetables, talk to them, and after about four days of them being at your house, try to pet them. Your guinea pig will eventually get you used to you petting him/her.

, You may want to wait about a week before you get into this, as guinea pigs are prey animals and it takes them a while to adjust to things that are bigger than them. After a while of petting your guinea pig, try to hold them. Put one hand on their back, and one hand under his/her stomach. Then gently, but firmly, hold your guinea pig and bring him/her up to your chest.

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