How to Help Stop Whaling



Research whaling laws by reading government websites.,
Brush up current laws.,
Read reputable websites.

University and government websites often contain information about animal protection laws.

Michigan State University provides an excellent website that discusses United States marine law. This includes information on special animal protection acts such as the Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a fantastic website containing a wealth of knowledge on maritime law. This organization works toward sustainable aquaculture. They are very active in research and reaching out to the community. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS) focuses on the protection of our environment. Their website provides insights into US laws and customs that are specifically designed to protect animals. They provide clearly-written overviews of laws as well as helpful educational materials like handouts. ;
, Some countries have already put a stop to whaling. In 1986, the International Whaling Committee tried to conserve whaling species by passing specific laws and sanctions. Even U.S. President Obama passed sanctions on marine conservation in 2010. Know laws that are in progress. While certain laws have already been passed, you should be aware of what laws are in progress of being passed. You need to be aware of this situation so that you can better articulate your argument. This can help you focus how you might be able to help stop whaling.
Whaling is part of a world-wide conversation. In 2014, the U.N. ordered Japan to stop whaling near Antarctica. As the whaling debate continues, more and more countries are taking action and passing laws to protect our marine mammals. , Unfortunately, not all websites on the internet are created equally. While you are searching for facts, look at reputable websites that have fact-based information. These types of websites include non-profit organizations and government sites. They frequently end with the URL .org or .gov.

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