How to Help Stop Whaling



Write letters.,
Sign petitions.,
Join organizations.,
Adopt a whale.,
Donate money.,
Volunteer your time.,
Boycott products from companies involved in whaling.

Get your message heard by writing to people of power. This includes your local government representatives. If you are US citizen, you can write to your state representative or even people in the national government. You may also contact organizations that are known for whaling. You can also write to organizations aimed at protecting whales to find out how you can help.

, Your voice and signature can be a powerful tool to help pass laws. Check whale-saving organizations to see if they have active petitions to save whales. Singing a petition can help bring about the change of laws or the creation of new laws. If you are a US citizen, check out our national government’s page of open petitions. , There are fantastic and reputable whale-saving organizations that are constantly looking for active members. Organizations like World Wildlife Federation and Pacific Whale Foundation are active supporters always looking for new participants. They have membership opportunities so that you may directly or indirectly join. , To become directly involved, you can adopt a whale through the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). Your donation will go directly to help organizations protect the species. , If you want to help indirectly, you can donate money directly to organizations designed to stop whaling. Be careful and do your research before you give or send money. You want to make sure that you are not going to be scammed and your money is going to honest research.

, If you are geographically in a place to do so, consider volunteering your time. You can help spread the word through events. You can pass out information flyers. You can even lead your own event! Get involved with a cause you care about.

, Boycotting is a great way to show companies that you are serious about your protest. By not purchasing products, you are halting supply and demand. This is a great way to protest as it hurts the companies main motivation — its revenue. You can also boycott companies that do not take a stand against whaling. For example, in 2008, a popular Japanese camera company was boycotted because of its public stance on whaling.

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