How to Help Someone Recover From a Kidney Transplant



Keep track of information at the hospital.,
Speak with the post-transplant coordinator.,
Plan to keep all appointments.

During the procedure itself, trust the transplant team to do their job. You can help by ensuring that all of the recipient’s medical records and insurance information are ready for the hospital’s consideration. Further, write down anything the medical team tells you about how to help the recipient recover. Pay particular attention to advice about medication, lab tests, and other aspects of necessary follow-up care.The recipient will be placed in intensive care for one to two days following the transplant. They will likely stay at the hospital for several days to a week.;
, The recipient’s transplant team will include someone who is responsible for monitoring patient’s recovery. This person will be your main contact following the transplant, and will be able to answer any questions that arise during follow up care.Introduce yourself as the person who will be helping the recipient recover.
The coordinator may have an information packet or other materials that can help you. It may also improve your ability to reach them later on if you make a personal connection at the hospital.

, Even when kidney transplants are successful, the recipient will need to see the transplant team every one or two weeks for the year after the procedure. After that, they still need to visit the team annually.Make sure you attend the first appointment following the procedure. Note the date, time, and location when you’re still at the hospital. Make sure you have the appropriate phone number in case you need to reschedule.
After the first year, plan for annual visits around the time of year that the procedure occurred.
Feel free to reach out to the post-transplant coordinator at any time if you have questions about the recipient’s recovery.

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