How to Help Someone Recover From a Kidney Transplant



Help drive them around.,
Be aware of gender-specific issues.,
Insist they quit smoking.

For at least six weeks, the transplant recipient should not be driving. Plan ahead to make sure you or someone else can help get them out of the house, particularly to doctor’s visits. Aside from doctor’s visits, be sure to bring the recipient to parks and other relatively secluded areas outdoors. It can improve both mental and physical recovery to get out of the house and spend time outdoors., A female kidney recipient should not become pregnant for at least a year following her surgery. Further, ensure that she gets annual pap smears and mammograms following the procedure, as medications may make her more susceptible to certain types of cancer. Men that receive a transplant may struggle to maintain erections.Have the recipient direct any concerns about fertility or sexuality to their doctor.
If a woman has a baby while taking immunosuppressive medication, advise her to discuss feeding options with her doctor. Immunosuppressive medications can be passed through breastmilk and are harmful to the baby.

, Smoking increases the risk of infection, which can put a kidney recipient in grave danger. Aside from other diseases, the risk of cancer is also greatly increased by smoking following a transplant. Further, smoking decreases your ability to heal and can worsen some of the dangerous side effects of immunosuppressive medications.Help them quit smoking by finding resources and support groups available in your area that are designed to help people quit.

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