How to Help Someone Recover From a Kidney Transplant



Help keep medication consistent.,
Watch for side effects.,
Limit sun exposure.,
Encourage helpful medication habits.

Kidney transplant recipients require immunosuppression medications for the rest of their life. Familiarize yourself with each of the medications the recipient will need, as well as dosages and frequency the medication needs to be taken.Fill out a calendar with the dates, times, and amounts that each medication needs to be taken. Explain the calendar to the recipient and post it somewhere they will frequently and easily see it in their home.

, Ask the doctor that prescribes the recipient’s medications about any side effects the medications may cause. Monitor for these side effects and other symptoms the recipient mentions. Write them down. Be sure to notify their medical team about any effects the medications have., Some of the medications commonly prescribed to transplant recipients may make them more susceptible to skin cancer. Accordingly, encourage the recipient to wear 20 SPF or stronger sunblock. Further, limit the amount of time the recipient spends in direct sunlight., Direct the recipient to keep their medications with them at all times. Tell them not to take any other medication, including over-the-counter medicine, without letting a doctor know first. Explain that it is extremely important that they continue to take their medications until directly otherwise.If other containers are used to hold medications, ensure that they are labeled with names and dosage information.
Discard outdated medication or medication a doctor says is no longer needed.
If the recipient travels, direct them to keep medication with them, not in their checked luggage.

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