How to Help Save Whales



Contact the International Whaling Commission.,
Speak out against seismic and sonar testing.,
Sign a petition to stop whaling.,
Organize a letter writing campaign.,
Host a community event.,
Support efforts to curb climate change.,
Avoid products that contain whale meat.

Write a letter to your country’s representative on the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Visit the Humane Society International website. Then click the link to tell your IWC representative that you care about the fate of the world’s whales.Tell your IWC representative that you want the commission to close loopholes that allow Japan, Iceland, and Norway to continue killing whales.;
, Sonar and seismic testing threaten whale populations in coastal areas. Much of this testing is done by oil and gas companies or by federal agencies, like the United States Navy. Urge your government to stop sonar and seismic testing.Try writing a letter to the National Marine Fisheries Service and urge them to protect whales from seismic and sonar testing.

, One way to take direct action is by signing a petition to stop whaling in countries like Japan, Iceland, or Norway. You can add your name to a growing list of global citizens who oppose the continuation of whaling practices.You can find global and local petitions on websites like

, One letter is powerful, but ten, twenty, or even a hundred letters can have a larger impact. Get together a group of friends, family, colleagues, or classmates and ask them to all write letters to governments representatives on a particular issue concerning whales.Try having a group of people work with the organization Save the Whales to send a flurry of letters to the Norwegian Embassy asking the Norwegian government to stop supporting the whaling industry.

, It is important to inform others in your community about the threats faced by whale populations around the globe. Consider organizing a community event where attendees can learn about threats to whales like Japan’s black-market whale meat trade, the effects of climate change on whales, and government loopholes that allow whaling to continue.Try screening a movie, hosting a dance party, or facilitating a round table community conversation about whales.
Consider taking donations at the event and giving them to an organization with an active anti-whaling campaign, like Greenpeace.

, Warming oceans and diminishing sea ice are affecting whale habitats around the globe. Contact your government representatives and tell them to support international, national, and local efforts to curb carbon emissions and fight global warming., Japan is free to ignore the statutes of the International Whaling Commission, and thereby sets its own quotas and standards for whaling. Meat from Japan’s so-called “research whaling” is then packaged and sold on international markets. Avoid consuming whale meat or buying products made from whales.

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