How to Help Save Whales



Join a conservation organization.,
Consider an ongoing monthly gift.,
Adopt a whale.

One of the most effective ways you can help save whales is by joining an organization that is actively working to stop practices that harm whales. You can become a member of a conservation organization with a small donation. Students can usually join for a reduced fee.

Support an organization like the World Wildlife Fund or Greenpeace, which are both working to help save whales.

, One of the most important ways you can help whale populations is with a continuing donation to a conservation organization. Instead of making a one-time gift, consider setting up a monthly donation in a smaller amount.Try making a monthly donation to a conservation organization like the Natural Resources Defense Council.

, Some organizations allow individuals to make a symbolic whale adoption. For a donation to the organization, you can symbolically adopt a whale while donating cash to the cause. Many organizations will give you a personalized adoption certificate commemorating your adoption.Try adopting a whale through an organization like Defenders of Wildlife.

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