How to Help a Pecked Chicken with a Wound



Get the chicken out of the coop where it is being attacked by the other chickens.,
Tend to the chicken’s wounds.,
Find a new space to house the pecked chicken.,
Keep an eye over the chicken’s healing process for a few weeks.

You need to act quickly because the chickens will keep pecking.
, Flush out the wound with water. If it is not a deep wound, you can use hydrogen peroxide but it is risky.Make sure to rinse the hydrogen peroxide off after disinfecting, as it can eat at the skin, setting back healing. Apply an ointment (or drop of honey) to accelerate healing.

Clean the wound out once a day.

, The chicken can never go back with any of the chickens that were pecking it. The chicken will have been “marked” and in the order of its former coop-mates, it will be on the bottom and liable to being pecked again. Time doesn’t help either––if it’s gone from the other chickens for a while, they won’t remember it and will pick on it more as a “newbie”. Thus, get it a new coop and make sure it is very clean because the cut might be infected. Also choose a place that flies can’t get into because they may further infect the wound., Ensure that it cannot access the other chickens, or vice versa. When the chicken has healed, make a run for it of its own.

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