How to Help a Constipated Guinea Pig



Add soft fruits and veggies to your pet’s diet.,
Provide a water bottle.,
Give your guinea pig a probiotic.,
Avoid forcing your guinea pig to eat.

These foods can help loosen the bowels. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables will help your guinea pig’s digestive tract healthy.Add greens to your pet’s diet slowly. An abundance can lead to diarrhea.
Do not feed your guinea pig cabbage, cauliflower, or raw beans (excluding green beans). These can produce gas and bloating in your guinea pig.;
, Fresh, clean water is crucial if you want your guinea pig to have good digestive health. Change the water in the bottle daily, and test it with a few taps to ensure the water flows properly from the mouthpiece.

If your guinea pig is in truly dire straits, you may need to encourage it to drink by offering it a syringe filled with water.

, Probiotics contain microorganisms which restore balance to the gut bacteria. These will help jump-start your guinea pig’s digestive tract. Several options are available to you:

Probiotic supplements specially designed for guinea pigs can be obtained from most pet stores. These are administered orally when mixed with water, or rectally as an enema (a fluid mixture injected into the rectum).Be aware that the bacteria in a guinea pig’s gut is very different from in a human gut. Do not give a guinea pig dairy products or yogurt drinks designed for human use. Instead, speak to your veterinarian about a probiotic that is suitable for herbivores.
Mix half of a fresh dropping from a healthy guinea pig with a small amount of water. Known colloquially as “poop soup,” this mixture functions as an effective probiotic. Use it to soften food pellets or administer it orally via syringe.Don’t worry if this seems strange. Guinea pigs consume cecal pellets, the greenish droppings which contain important nutritional compounds, as part of their normal behavior., If your guinea pig is constipated, it will not have much of an appetite. Insisting that it eats, or hand-feeding it, could further complicate its situation.

If you suspect your guinea pig is constipated because he is not passing pellets regularly, then your guinea pig may not be eating well. If your guinea pig is not eating well, then take him to see a vet immediately. Not eating can indicate that there is a serious problem.

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