How to Help a Constipated Guinea Pig



Check for anal blockage.,
Wash your hands.,
Put gloves on.,
Apply lubricant to your guinea pig’s anal area.,
Gently squeeze the blockage out.,
Repeat the process as needed.

The fecal mass is brown and located in the guinea pig’s anus. If present, it will be quite visibly lodged halfway out of the anus, stretching it open. Depending on the severity, the anus may be enlarged and protruding from the guinea pig’s hindquarters. If you see a fecal mass blocking the anus and don‘t mind getting hands-on, you can take direct action to solve the guinea pig’s constipation.

, Scrub thoroughly with an antibacterial soap. This will reduce the chances of any infectious germs being transmitted to your guinea pig.

, Digital evacuation of feces is a messy business. Vinyl gloves will keep your hands clean and stink-free.

, Smear petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or Vaseline around the outer anal wall to ease the passage of the fecal mass.You can also try immersing the guinea pig’s hindquarters in water for a minute to soften the stool.

Placing a towel beneath the guinea pig will give it a soft surface to lay or stand on, and make cleanup easier for you.

, Place your thumb and pointer finger on either side of the fecal mass at the base of the anus. Apply pressure, increasing slowly. Carefully move the mass out of the guinea pig’s body. This process is known as digital evacuation.

Enlist the aid of a partner to hold the guinea pig while you remove the blockage if you find it too difficult to do alone.
Be cognizant of your guinea pig’s needs. If he or she is squealing or indicating pain, you might be squeezing too hard.
Do not employ any sharp instruments in an attempt to scoop the anal blockage out. The possibility of accidentally harming your guinea pig is not worth it.
If you feel uncomfortable performing a digital evacuation, take your guinea pig to the vet and have him or her perform the procedure.

, In the case of impaction, you may need to repeat the process for several days until the guinea pig’s muscles recover enough to resume normal bowel movements.

As guinea pigs age, impaction often becomes a chronic issue. This is because the rectal muscles which govern the pig’s ability to pass excrement grow weak. An older guinea pig will require digital evacuation on a regular basis.

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