How to Heal a Cut Due to Dry Skin



Use lotion consistently.,
Don’t use instant hand sanitizers very often.,
Wash your hands and dry well.,
Wear gloves.

Lotion comes in many forms — some are to restore severely dry skin, while others are lighter and meant to maintain the moisture already in your skin. Choose the lotion that will best take care of your hands. Investigate what works best for you by going to your pharmacy and using lotion from the various tester bottles. Try applying it before you really need it. Start applying it in the morning after you take a shower, and reapply throughout the day. If your skin is extremely dry, apply lotion and then put gloves over it before going outside during the winter months. You could also consider wearing lotion under gloves to bed (it sounds weird, but it can really help hydrate severely dry skin)., Alcohol will dry out your hands even more and can make cuts on your hands sting. Washing hands with glycerin soap is the best option during the winter.Additionally, as odd as it sounds, the sanitizer strips weak germs off your hands, possibly leaving a clean slate for stronger germs to attack.

, Washing your hands too much can dry them out and strip away the good oils that exist on your skin, but it’s important to keep your hands clean. When you do wash them, choose glycerin soaps that are not antibacterial — they help keep your hands moisturized.Ensure that your hands are dry when you move from the warm to the cold in winter — this includes waiting five to ten minutes after washing before going outside. Even with gloves, the change in humidity and temperature can sap the moisture from your skin and damage it.

, If you have to put your hands in water for an extended time (washing dishes, cleaning, etc.) wear rubber gloves. Protect your hands if you’re going to be doing manual labor. If you’re chopping wood, working on your car, lifting and moving things outside — wear gloves. They will help minimize the possible damage.

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