How to Have Wild Birds Eat Out of Your Hand



Once you spot a bird, move very, very slowly if at all.,
Start speaking to the bird in a calm voice.

If you are close enough, look at the expression in the bird’s eyes.,
Feed the bird.,
Be still.,

Try to see things from the birds point of view. You are huge, and you may be the bird’s enemy! Also try holding the food out in front of yourself while you get closer to the bird.;
,, Is it afraid? Rapid movements of the bird’s stomach is another sign that the little creature is scared. If you notice this, stand still and wait.

, Have some food with you that the bird likes. Put a little in your hand and hold it out.

, When the bird lands in your hand, try to hold your breath for a while and keep very still. Even swallowing might scare the bird away.

, When you have the bird whisper to it “Hi, baby birdie” in a very soft voice

, After that step whistle very quietly

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