How to Have Someone Develop a Crush on You



Look pretty.,
Be sweet to boys.,
Hang out with the girls from time to time.,
Be mysterious.,
Don’t be mean.

If you’re not used to taking care of yourself, it’s a good reason to start improving something about yourself. First of all, try not to look messy or sloppy; it’s a huge turn-off for any guy, unless he doesn’t mind it. Abandon that old, dusty pair of jeans and huge T-shirt for something more flattering. Wear something that makes you feel confident.

Have a sense of style. Okay, you may not be the kind of girl who pampers herself all day long, but don’t be afraid to take fashion risks. Do you like bright colors? Show him just how fabulous you are. Express your individuality with earrings, scarves, or whatever makes you feel pretty. Don’t worry about fitting in; you’re a trend setter!
Don’t go overboard with sexy clothing. Show him you are beautiful without having to give away all the goods. Sexy is good. Trashy is risky.;
, Everyone likes the girl who acts like a tom boy, but don’t let the boys forget that you are also a lovely woman. Say kind things to him, laugh at his jokes, make him feel like he’s awesome. It’ll get him asking for your number for sure.

Don’t try to impress him by cussing like a sailor. Remember, act like a lady.
Speak to him in gentle tones. Remind him of how feminine you can be.

Compliment guys. An honest compliment can go a long way. If you like somebody, compliment them on the particularities you like about them. Don’t compliment them too much or gush.
Act romantic and sensitive. Let guys know you need to get affection. Sometimes, if you don’t tell them directly, they may even forget you have feelings too. Speak your mind!

, Even if guys often don’t understand friendships between girls they will respect you if you show them you have friends of your own. Don’t be afraid to show your social independence.

, Girls’ little secrets are fascinating for guys. Don’t give away too much information, you want to keep that boy wanting more!

, Mean girls may be popular, but they often end up alone. Believe it or not, guys find cat fights quite scary and they’ll back off when they see how mean you can be at times. There’s nothing wrong with being nice. Surely you can stand up for yourself without being mean, right?

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