How to Have Someone Develop a Crush on You



Look approachable.,
Express affection.,
Be confident.,
Have a good reputation.,
Make the first move.,
Don’t get nervous!,
Make a good first impression.,
Take care of your looks.,
Don’t be annoying.,
Be friendly.,
And, of course, be yourself.

Acting cold and distant may seem cool, but it’s a turn-off to other people. If you don’t act open and available enough, not even girls/guys that do like you will have the courage to talk to you.

, The first step in getting a boyfriend/girlfriend is expressing interest in that person. Don’t be afraid that you will be turned down; comfort yourself thinking that you’ve at least tried. In time, becoming better at flirting will improve your chances of getting someone to like you.

, When you like somebody, hint it to them or tell them directly. The more love you give, the more you receive. Touch them softly, play with their hair- these are little gestures that express affection and make you feel closer to others. Help them out when they need help and be understanding when they talk about their problems. To sum it up, show them that you care about them.

, Confidence is the key; it’s what makes the difference between the “hot” and the “not”. A person can seem absolutely awesome even when they’re not like that in reality, due to their confidence. Confidence is the way to make people acknowledge what a wonderful person you are. If you don’t see your own qualities, how would you expect others to see them? Find something that you like about yourself and point them out to boys/girls. Enhance your best features; not only in your look, but also in your personality.

, It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be popular in order to be liked by the opposite gender (although it would help), but having a bad reputation decreases your chances to get a significant other. If you have a reputation as promiscuous/a player, weirdo, nerd, gossiper, mean girl/guy etc., people would be less likely to talk to you because of the prejudices they have about you.

, It often happens that the person you like doesn’t make the first move; you have two options: either to wait until the other one initiates a flirt (which may never happen), or to do something yourself. This doesn’t apply only to boys, although the tradition is that the boy should make the first move; but there’s nothing wrong if a girl does, either. On the contrary, it’s even recommended; the guy will admire your courage.

, If you fixate on how scared you are, you’ll psyche yourself out. Everything you do, do it with confidence. When talking to somebody you like, stay cool and try not to blush or act nervous. There’s nothing to be afraid of; they’re probably just as nervous as you are.

, It’s unfair, but the first impression you leave to someone will most likely persist in their memory for a long time and be the heaviest factor in influencing that person’s opinion on you, even if it’s a wrong impression.

, This applies to girls and boys; not only girls are the ones who are supposed to look good for the opposite sex.

Having a high standard of personal hygiene is the very least you can do to improve your appearance. Don’t smell; take showers and use deodorant and maybe fragrance, if you want to. Have nice, clean hair and clean teeth; make sure your mouth doesn’t smell, either. Clean and cut your nails, don’t let them grow too long- especially if you’re a boy. Wear clean, ironed clothes.

Be well-dressed. The clothes must not necessarily be very expensive, but they always must be clean, fit for your size and appropriate for your body type. Very important: dress tastefully. Okay, maybe you’re not an expert at choosing the right clothes for you and combining them, but at least ask for advice from somebody who is one. It’s crucial not to look like your blind grandmother picks your clothes.

, Smiling makes you look cuter, more charming and more lovable. A genuine smile can lighten up someone’s day. It’s the best way to express interest in somebody, in a way in which you have no chances of making a fool of yourself.

, Being annoying may seem fun to you, but it’s certainly not fun for those you annoy. A little teasing or playing every now and then is acceptable, even welcome in some cases, but being annoying on a regular basis is the perfect way to repel boys/girls.

, Being mean with other people for no reason or treating them like dirt will make you hit the “Most Hated” list. Nobody likes unfriendly, obnoxious people.

, Really, there will be many people who will like you for you, not just your looks. Plus, if you’re being crushed on because you’re on the football/cheerleading team, but no one knows your passion for singing/karate, what’s the point?

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