How to Have Someone Develop a Crush on You



Be Yourself.,
Be sporty.,
Be funny and make jokes.,
Show your sensitive side.,
Don’t act superior to girls.,
Be mature.

It most often happens when a guy tries to act up for a new girl he will look like a pretentious oaf. Being yourself is a much better method. Not only that, but the girls that do like you will be ones you will get on with a whole lot more, why? Because they share your real interests, not fake ones you made up to impress people. And besides, a lot of girls go for dorky guys, its very sweet.

, Not only that being good at sports can impress a girl, but it also tones up your muscles, therefore improving your body appearance, and making you look more manly.

, Everybody likes funny guys; a good sense of humor is very appreciated by most people. Even if you can’t tell a joke to save your life, girls will appreciate you for trying.

, This is perhaps the most difficult thing for guys to do; some would rather bite their tongue to avoid saying something related to their feelings, than to actually say it. A girl is very pleased to find out that guys do have feelings. Showing that you can be hurt, that you care, is not an act of weakness; on the contrary, it means that you had the strength to overcome your fear of vulnerability.

On the other hand, don’t go about feeling sorry for yourself. Be a man when you need to; being afraid of everything and everyone won’t get you too far. When you’ve got problems, face them and try to solve them, instead of denying their existence.

, Everyone is equal, and this isn’t the 50’s. Chivalry is not the same as patronizing someone.

, Show her you are capable of intelligent conversation. Burping contests and potty humor are fun, but consider your audience. Some girls feel that stuff is immature.

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