How to Have Fun With Your Small Bird



Start a “Parakeet Town”.,
Start a “Parakeet Town Water park”.,
Change up their food.,
Give your bird a bath!,
Start a conversation with your bird.

This is lots of fun, and you can make it using things commonly found in a typical house. Start off by gathering up things like cardboard, index cards, wood, paper towels, string, building blocks, store-bought play-gyms, glue, and tape. Next, out of these items, start building your “Parakeet Town”. Be creative! You can build anything fun that you think your birds will like, but here are a few building ideas to help get you started:

homemade play gyms (make sure they’re sturdy!)
chew toys
a play ring (made out of a circle of index cards taped or glued together)Be sure to fill it with homemade or store-bought toys!
a diner or a snack bar (cardboard works well for the ceilings, walls, and floor, and the bottom halves of paper cups make good food dishes)
a pool (bowl filled halfway with water)
a zip line (made out of string and a bird swing tied from one side of a room to another, on a slight angle)WATCH YOUR BIRDS CAREFULLY AT ALL TIMES! Always have another person at the end of the zip line to catch them, or tie a knot at least a foot from the back wall to stop the swing. *WARNING* If the swing is going too fast, it might stop suddenly at the end and scare your birds, possibly causing them to fly off. It is best to have another person at the end to help stop them. Most importantly, only do this if your bird is very well trained!
a castle (made out of blocks) Make sure the blocks are sturdy- you don’t want a loose block falling on your birds!;
, First of all, your bird’s wings must be clipped before taking them outside. See the Wikihow article, “How to Take Your Pet Birds Outside” to learn more about how to clip wings safely. Make sure you only do this activity on a very hot day (over 80 degrees) or your birds will get cold, which could be fatal. Basically, it is the same thing as “Parakeet Town” only outdoors and with more water. Start by setting up any bird toys or play-gyms that you have that can’t be damaged by water (they WILL get wet!)on a table outside. A picnic table works well! Plastic toys and play-gyms work best. Next, take a hose or buckets of water and get everything completely wet. Put bowls and plates of water all over the table. If your play-gyms have a closed bottom, you can fill them up with water, too. If your birds like being misted, you can also use a spray bottle or the ‘mist’ setting on your hose (if you have one!)to cool them down every once in a while. Do not get your birds too wet, and give them time in direct sunlight to warm up about every 15-20 minutes, or they could get sick.

, Can you imagine eating the same old bird seed all day every day? Not only would you get sick of it, but it’s unhealthy too! Try experimenting with different bird-safe foods (no sugar or salt) and find out what your birds like! You can look up fun food recipes that are safe for birds to eat online, or invent some yourself! If your birds don’t eat what you make for them at first, try sprinkling their old bird seed on top of it to make them feel more comfortable with it. You can also buy pre-made microwavable bird food in stores.


All you need is a bird and a sink! If your bird has never taken a bath before, keep it short- and don’t force the bird into the water. Make sure you dry your bird as much as possible with a towel. When he’s as dry as you can get him, put him in a room without any drafts (no open windows or doors)for a while. You can also buy a special lamp from some pet stores especially for keeping your bird warm after a bath.

, If your bird is talk-active bird (e.g. a budgie) why not start an interesting conversation? Although your bird won’t actually respond you can teach the bird a few words.

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