How to Have a Good General Healthy Body



Include enough cardio exercises.,
Do one to three days of strength training.,
Move more throughout the day.

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises are a very important part to a healthy lifestyle and generally healthy body.

There are a huge amount of health benefits associated with regular and consistent exercise. Some include: improved mood, improved sleep quality, improves circulation, helps manage a healthy weight, decreases blood pressure and risk for stroke, manages and controls insulin, improves blood lipid and cholesterol levels, boosts energy and can help improve your self image.Health experts recommend getting at least 150 minutes of cardio activity each week (or 30 minutes five times a week). You can increase benefits by getting 300 minutes of aerobic activity each week (or one hour five times a week).Include a variety of activities each week. Exercises to try include: walking, jogging/running, dancing, swimming, aerobics classes, biking or hiking.

, The counterpart to regular aerobic exercise is strength training or resistance exercise. These activities help build and support lean muscle mass in addition to providing other health benefits.Strength training and adding muscle can even increase your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Regular strength training has many benefits outside of building stronger muscles. Regular weight-bearing exercise helps decrease your risk of osteoporosis by making your bones stronger and denser.Experts recommend doing about two days of strength training each week. It’s important to work every major muscle group including: arms, chest, back, core and legs. Lift free weights, use weight machines or do weight bearing activities like yoga or pilates.
Separate each strength training day by at least one day of rest to all your muscles to recover and repair efficiently., In addition to both strength training and planned cardiovascular exercise, it’s also important to just move more throughout the day or include more baseline activity. Although these types of activities aren’t huge calorie burners, they also have a significant amount of positive health side effects.Baseline activities refer to any exercise or activity that you do on a regular basis. This could be yard work or household chores, taking the stairs or walking throughout the day.There have been studies that show that after even one or two hours of sitting there are negative side effects including reduced blood flow, decreased calorie burn and more difficulty manage chronic conditions (like high blood pressure or diabetes).In addition to just moving more, some health experts even recommend getting up for just a few minutes about every hour.

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