How to Have a Good Bedtime Routine



Choose appropriate pillows, mattress, and sheets.,
Select cool colors.,
Do not carpet your bedroom.,
Have dim lights only in the bedroom.

If your bed or bedding is uncomfortable, this may be contributing to your problems falling asleep.

Good quality mattresses last 9 to 10 years. If yours is older than that, you may need to get a new mattress. Make sure you choose a mattress that you feel comfortable in, and is neither too firm nor soft to support your back. If you’ve been waking up with back aches, you may need a new mattress.Make sure there are no irritants in your pillow. Many pillows contain fabrics or materials some people are allergic to. Read the materials list on the label before you purchase any pillow to make sure it does not contain anything that bothers your system.When it comes to sheets, going an all cotton route is best for your sleep schedule. These promote air flow and breathability so you don’t end up too hot during the night. If it’s summer, you could take the comforter off your bed and store it until the weather gets cold again., The type of color scheme you have in your bedroom can actually affect your sleep cycle. You should select cooler colors, like blues, browns, and grays, over warmer shades like reds and oranges. Warmer colors actually raise your heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. Cool colors can help calm you down and promote relaxation, which is helpful for sleep., Carpeting is actually a bad idea in your bedroom due to the synthetic nylons found in many commercials carpets. Unfortunately, when you’re renting or on a budget you cannot always replace carpeting with hardwood floors in your bedroom. If this is the case, look for all natural fiber area rugs and spread them across your bedroom. This may help you sleep better at night., As already noted, lighting has a dramatic effect on the sleep/wake cycle. Try to limit use of bright lights in the bedroom.

Keep dim lamps in the bedroom and avoid turning on fluorescent overhead lights if they’re present in your room.Do not keep a television set in your bedroom. Avoid using your laptop or other electronics in the bedroom. Try powering off your laptop and smart phone half an hour before bed.

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