How to Have a Dream About Your Crush



Keep a dream journal.,
Notice the world around you.,
Fall asleep.,
Conjure your crush.

The first step to having a lucid dream, which is a dream where you are aware you are dreaming and can control the events within, is to remember the dreams you typically have. Over the course of a few weeks, lay in bed every morning and replay your dreams. Then write down what you dreamed of the night before as soon as you get out of bed. This will help you recognize typical patterns in your dreams.You can also make note of reoccurring themes or objects in your dreams. These can act as focal points in your dreams to help you become aware that you are dreaming.You should keep a notepad or journal right by your bed for the easiest access. This way, you won’t have to go looking for somewhere to write your dreams down and get distracted and forget portions of your dreams., One of the best ways to become aware in dreams is to become hyperaware of the conscious world. Ask yourself throughout the day if you are awake or dreaming. Notice how all your senses respond to various things around you. Find elements in your everyday life that are detailed and in clear focus that you can use as comparisons for your dream landscape.

Try looking at the details on the back of your hand. These details will be fuzzier in dreams, which can help you realize the distinction between dreams and reality., Before bed, make sure you are in a comfortable environment where you won’t be disturbed. Lay down with you eyes closed and relax your body, letting all the ambient sounds and smells fade away. Think about the fact that you are awake and attempting to fall asleep. This will help you hold on to your conscious mind, even when you lapse into sleep and start dreaming.You may not lucid dream right away. You just need to keep looking for your dream signs and logging your dreams. Eventually, you should be able to recognize your dreams and become lucid while in them.
You may be pulled out of your first couple of lucid dreams as soon as you become aware. If this is the case, try looking at your hands in your dreams or spinning around in a circle. These things can help focus your senses and help you stay lucid in your dreams longer.

, Once you’ve achieved lucid dreaming, you can manipulate the dream and bring your crush into the dream with you. While in your dream, visualize your crush right behind you or just around the corner. Once you’ve got a clear picture, turn around or go look around the bend to find them. You can also conjure a door and expect them to be behind the door. They should eventually be there when you open it.

If you do get them to show up and they don’t look quite right, you can manipulate the figure to change in your dream. Tell them that they need to look better, saying something like: “I am going to turn around and when I look back, you are going to be the best version of ____ that I can imagine.”
Try each method and see which one works best for you. It may take some time, so just keep practicing.

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