How to Hatch Quail Chicks



Purchase fertile quail eggs.,
Collect eggs from your current quails.

You can order some quail eggs on online sites such as Craigslist, Ebay or Gumtree. Or you can order fertile eggs from hatcheries online. The amount of eggs you choose depends on the amount of chicks you want to hatch, and how many eggs can fit in your incubator. You might want to order more eggs than needed due to the fact that some may get destroyed along the way.

, If you have a male and a female together, the hen would have laid some fertile eggs for you. A rule of thumbs is to choose the best eggs you can find such as eggs with no cracks, are clean and they should have hard shells.

If you want your hen laying some great-quality eggs, provide her with more sunlight and supplement her diet with calcium (crushed egg shells or oyster shells).
Do not wash or rub the eggs. The eggs have a special coating which protects it from bacteria, and by causing friction or washing the eggs you get rid of the special coating.

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