How to Harvest Sugarbag Honey From a Native Australian Beehive



Consider whether you should harvest the sugarbag honey.,
Separate the honey ‘super’ from the 2 brood boxes.,
Pierce the sugarbag pots.,
Drain the sugarbag honey.,
Filter the sugarbag honey.,
Place the honey super back onto the top of the hive.

You should only harvest the honey if the bees will survive without it. Generally, only harvest the sugarbag honey this way if:

You have had the hive for 12-18 months, long enough for them to collect ample resources
You live in an area that does not go/rarely goes below 18 degrees Celsius, even in winter. This is because the bees will not be able to fly and collect resources, and so they need the stored food. It is probably not a good idea to harvest the honey if you live in Sydney.
Your hive is a 3-part OATH hive;
, Using a hive tool, split the top box from the bottom two., Invert the honey super. Press a bed of nails tool through the propolis pots, until the sugarbag honey sits on top of the squashed pots., Place the honey super face down on a container to allow all of the sugarbag honey to drip out of the super. Leave it for around 10 minutes., Take the drained honey in the container and pour it through a sieve to filter out any dead bees and other impurities. Seal the container you filtered the sugarbag honey into., Seal it using duct tape or plastic strapping. The bees will reuse the propolis that was left in the honey super, converting it back into more honey pots!

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