How to Handle Unexpected Baby Hamsters



Make the mother feel secure.,
Add tissue or toilet paper.,
Minimize interaction for two weeks.

Immediately following birth, mother hamsters need to feel secure. If she is startled by a loud noise or sudden light, she may become stressed and go into survival mode. For a mother hamster, this means cannibalizing her young. Accordingly, do everything you can to ensure calm and quiet atmosphere in the room where they live.Keep other pets out of the room.
Put the hamster enclosure against a wall and out of direct sunlight.
Cover part of the enclosure with a blanket or cloth. The darkness this blanket provides will reduce stress.;
, Throw some unscented tissue paper or toilet paper into the enclosure. Be sure not to surprise the mother hamster when doing so. She will shred up the paper and use it to increase the comfort and coziness of her nest. This is more important than you may realize. If the mother doesn’t feel like the environment is sufficient to raise pups, she’ll eat them.Do not provide the artificial fluff sold for this purpose. Despite the marketing, these products can potentially injure your hamsters.

, If a mother hamster feels threatened by an unfamiliar scent, she will readily make a snack of her offspring. While it may seem as though there are a lot of reasons a mother hamster might go cannibalistic, they are all informed by the same sentiment. From a survival perspective, a protein rich diet of baby hamster flesh may give her the energy to escape whichever risk she has perceived. Accordingly, do not mess with her, her babies, or her cage for two weeks following the birth.In particular, do not clean the cage. If you notice she is pregnant just before she gives birth, give the cage a good cleaning in preparation.
Though it can be challenging, resist the temptation to handle the baby hamsters for two weeks. Touching all but guarantees that they’ll be eaten by their mother.

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