How to Handle Unexpected Baby Hamsters



Try to line up human owners early.,
Put them up for adoption.,
Do not drop your baby hamsters off at a pet store.

Your litter may contain more than a dozen juvenile hamsters in search of a new home. It will likely prove challenging to find humans capable of housing each one, so start searching as soon as you find out about the babies. Ask your friends and family if they’re interested, and post the cutest photos you can get on every single social media platform you use., Websites such as and are good spots to put a post about free baby hamsters. also has a classified section that is quite popular. Do not try to profit from your hamsters – they are readily available.At the same time, try to keep reptile owners from getting their hands on your hamsters. You can guess what they’ll do with them. Accordingly, charge a small “adoption” fee, such as $5. This is much cheaper than buying a hamster from a store, but will keep those who favor scaled creatures giving their own pets a free living lunch.

, They don’t need them, and they don’t want them. They likely even have policies against accepting hamsters from unknown sources. This means that they won’t care for any hamsters that show up outside their door, thought they may feed them to the scaled animals they’re selling.Try to avoid leaving hamsters at shelters as well. If you do, include a donation, as many shelters are not well-enough funded to care for hamsters.

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