How to Handle a Hamster Without Being Bitten



Leave them alone for a few days.,
Talk to your hamster.,
Get them used to your scent.,
Set a time.,
Wear gloves.

Anytime a hamster moves to a new home, he will experience some fear and anxiety. Allow your hamster to settle in for few days after you bring him home. Don’t try to pick him up during this time. Once his new home is comfortable and familiar, he will grow less aggressive and be more open to training and interaction., Hamsters are quite farsighted, which means they have trouble seeing things that are close up. To compensate for this, hamsters have an excellent sense of hearing. In order to help your hamster get used to you, allow them to grow accustomed to your voice. Put on some music and sing near your hamsters cage, take a phone call in the same room, or simply speak directly to your hamster., In addition to excellent hearing, hamsters make up for their poor eyesight with a strong sense of smell. Another way for your hamster to get used to you is to get them accustomed to your scent. Simply sit near the cage for a little while each day, or place a hamper of your dirty clothes near the hamster’s cage. , Set a specific time to work with your hamster each day. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures, meaning that they will sleep during the day and wake at night. Select a time in the evening when your hamster will be awake, and make a commitment to work with your hamster every day at this time. If you do this consistently for about two weeks, you will have no trouble handling a very tame and gentle hamster.

, If you must handle a hamster before he is trained, be sure to wear gloves to keep yourself safe. Any kind of gloves (such as disposable gloves, dishwashing gloves, or winter gloves) will work just fine.

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