How to Handle a Cockatiel



Create a safe and comfortable environment.,
Remove other pets from the area.,
Clean your hands.

In order for your cockatiel to be comfortable with being held, it will need to be in a calm and quiet environment. For example, this means that you should not have loud music on, have unexpected loud noises occur, or use abrupt movement when picking up your bird.You should also use a calm voice when addressing the cockatiel while picking it up. Loud noises coming from you can scare the bird.;
, When preparing to hold your pet bird, you should remove all other animals from the area that could be a risk to it. In most cases, this means keeping dogs and cats out of the room while you hold your cockatiel. This will help to assure that the bird does not get scared while you are holding it and that it does not get attacked while it is outside of its cage.

If your bird is used to your other pets, and they show no interest in your cockatiel, then you may be able to keep them in the same room while handling your cockatiel. However, it is probably better to avoid the risk of conflict and injury to the bird by keeping them separated when the cockatiel is out of its cage.
If you have multiple birds that live in different cages, they can typically be out of their cages at the same time. Just make sure that none of them are aggressive and that they all get along well., It is very important to clean your hands before and after picking your bird up. You can transfer diseases onto your cockatiel if you don’t clean your hands with soap and water or with hand sanitizer before handling them. Also, it is important to wash your hands after holding them, so that you do not transfer any diseases they might have.Cleaning your hands before holding your bird, in combination with keeping its cage clean, is important to the overall good hygiene of the bird.

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