How to Hand Feed a Squirrel



Buy some peanuts.,
Put them out in a yard.,
If squirrels start coming around while you’re outside, feed them the peanuts by throwing them a distance away from you.,
Make it more difficult for the squirrel by putting the peanuts close to you – about a foot away.,
Wait until a squirrel is close by.,
Be very still and just hold the peanut out.,
Remember, you are scary to the squirrel, so for a few days toss the peanut to the squirrel or just drop it close to your hand.

Gain the squirrel’s.,
Make a clicking sound with your mouth.,
Try moving your hands around slowly – sometimes this will help.

You’ll need the ones in the shells. If you already have some, you don’t need to buy some, you can use the ones you’ve got.;
, Do this daily. A garden may suffice but if you live where there are no squirrels, this might not work.

, Doing this will get them used to you.

, Stay completely still – you do not want to frighten the squirrel. Repeat this over several days until the squirrels become comfortable with you.

, Try luring it in with the peanuts. Hold a peanut by just one end in your fingers. Most of the peanut should be sticking out towards the squirrel., The squirrel will be discouraged and may be close then run off.

,, As you gain its trust, the squirrel will approach closer and closer each time. Eventually it will take the peanut from your hand.

, When the squirrel places its mouth on the peanut release the peanut otherwise the trust will be broken.

, Whenever you need to back away, moving your hands in a circular motion above your head shows them that you don’t have any weapons of any sort.

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