How to Guinea Pig Proof Your Home



Get down to guinea pig level.,
Pick up shoes, jackets and any other clothing items strewn around the place.,
Put the bin (trash can) away.,
Keep telephone cords out of reach.,
Remove house plants.,
Put away delicate and valuable items.,
Stop your guinea pig from playing hide and seek.,
Provide distractions.,
Lock away poisons.

Consider which areas of the house you are likely to let your guinea pig roam around in. Look around for the things that are easy for your guinea pig to get access to. For example, cords that are dangling or loose will be an invitation to chewing, as will any dangling items such as ribbons or cords off curtains or a blind. Tie these cords and other dangling elements up and put loose electrical cords away or cover them properly.;
, Shoes with laces should definitely be put away. Also pick up children’s toys and any human food containers.

, If your guinea pig will be allowed free run of a room where there is a bin, either move it out of the room or fit a tight lid over it. If there is food in the bin, it will raise curiosity.

, Again, anything dangling attracts the guinea pig’s attention. And don’t forget the recharge cords for cordless or cellphones. They’re still attractive cords!

, Many house plants are potentially fatal if chewed by a pet. A guinea pig may be tempted to try a nibble here and there; it is wise to remove plants from any free-roaming space.

, There is no need to risk something delicate or valuable being chewed. Put it away before your pet roams around. This includes such items as remote controls and books, which can be as inviting as anything else. Watch out for tassels hanging off cushions and other soft furnishings as well.

, When you look around, try to spot potential hiding places that could be used by your guinea pig. This is especially important if they are crevices that might cause your pet to get stuck or lost in.

, Add things that the guinea pig is allowed to play with. These will distract the guinea pig from things that should not be chewed and your pet will still get a good workout.

, As with any good household practice, all poisonous substances should be locked away and out of reach of guinea pigs. In addition, don’t let guinea pigs get near bathroom products such as shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream etc. Make sure the guinea pig cannot gain access to storage areas containing these substances.

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