How to Groom a Syrian Hamster



Remember that most hamsters do not need to have their claws trimmed.,
Give your hamster materials to encourage healthy claws.,
Clip your hamster’s claws if necessary.,
See a vet if you need help.

Clipping a hamster’s tiny claws can be difficult to do correctly, and in many cases it is unnecessary. Most hamsters will be able to keep their own claws trimmed naturally, just by playing and behaving normally., You can help your hamster keep its claws trimmed, however, by placing objects for it to scratch inside its cage. A bowl of chinchilla sand, like one used for sand bathing, will often do the trick. You can also try putting a clay tile in your pet’s cage. When your hamster digs or scratches, its claws will be naturally trimmed., If your hamster’s claws are unusually long, or do not seem to stay trimmed naturally, you can attempt to clip them. However, make sure that your hamster is calm before you begin, and offer it plenty of treats.Hamster claws are very small, and so you may find that a magnifying glass comes in handy. Good lighting will also make it easier to see what you are doing.
You can use nail clippers to do the job.
Grasp your hamster’s claw gently but firmly.
Be patient and cautious, and clip only the very end of your hamster’s claw. If you try to clip off too much, you may hurt your hamster or cause it to bleed.
If your hamster becomes anxious or wiggles away while you are trying to clip its claws, just let it go and try again latter. Forcing the hamster to have its nails clipped will only make it frightened, and the process will become more difficult.
Trimming the longest claws first can be most effective. That way, if your hamster wiggles away, you will at least have helped some.
You should not need to clip your hamster’s claws more than once a month, and perhaps even less frequently.

, If you are really struggling to clip your hamster’s claws, or feel like it has a claw-related issue (unusual length, hangnails, infection, etc.), contact a vet. It is better to get help than to accidentally hurt your pet.

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