How to Groom a Hamster



Do not worry if your hamster is a little dirty.,
Give your hamster a dust or sand bath.,
Keep your hamster’s cage very clean.,
Try a paper-based bedding for your hamster.,
Provide materials for your hamster to chew on.,
Watch your hamster’s nails.,
Take your hamster to the vet if he stops grooming.

Hamster spend up to 20% of their time grooming. If you hamster looks a little dirty at one point, he may clean it up himself in a short while. Before trying to ‘help’ you hamster by grooming him, just wait a few hours or even a day to see if he’s able to clean himself up., Some hamsters may enjoying having a ‘bath’ in chinchilla sand or rabbit dust. This dust/sand is designed specifically to help keep small animals clean, but works great for hamsters too. Simply put some dust/sand in a container big enough for your hamster to roll around in, and put the container in your hamster’s cage.The container should be sturdy enough that it doesn’t slide around in the cage when your hamster is using it.
The container should also have low enough sides so your hamster can safely climb in and out.
If you feel it necessary to sterilize the dust/sand, you can put it in your oven (in an oven-safe bowl) for 10 minutes at 350F., One of the reasons it may appear that your hamster needs grooming is because he’s constantly covered in dirt from his dirty cage. Therefore, in order to prevent needing to groom your hamster, remember to keep his cage clean at all times.You should clean the cage completely at least once a week, without your hamster inside. Put him in another safe place, empty out his cage, wash it, and them put fresh bedding in the cage.

, As you’ve probably already noticed, there are dozens of options for bedding at the pet store. To help keep your hamster clean, there are a few bedding options that may work better than others. One option is to use bedding made of recycled paper. Another option is to use wood-based cat litter for bedding., Hamsters have very interesting teeth. Unlike some other animals, a hamsters teeth never stop growing. In the wild, a hamster would use his teeth enough to keep them at the proper length, but in a cage he may need some help. There are several things you can provide to your hamster that he can chew on and keep his teeth healthy. Options are as follows:Unpainted, untreated wood chips.
Hay from the pet store..
Fruit-flavoured chew toys.
Twigs (if you get them from outside, make sure they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides).
Scrap cardboard such as: toilet paper and paper towel rolls, kleenex boxes, cereal boxes, etc.

, Hopefully your hamster is active enough in his cage that his nails stay short on their own. But if you ever notice your hamster’s nails growing too long, especially if they’re causing discomfort, you will need to have his nails trimmed. You can trim your hamster’s nails on your own, using small nail clippers or animal nail clippers, or you can bring him to your vet for assistance., As already mentioned, hamsters normally spend 20% of their time grooming. But they also spend a significant amount of their time sleeping. However, if your hamster ever goes for 24 hours without grooming himself, it means something could be wrong. At this point it is best to take your hamster to the vet for a checkup.

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