How to Groom a Guinea Pig



Take care of your guinea pig’s teeth.,
Check your guinea pig’s ears.,
Clean its grease gland.,
Prevent fleas.

Your guinea pig’s teeth will grow over the course of its life and they may get too long and become painful. To prevent this, you should provide your guinea pig with things to chew on like unpainted woodchips, straw, twigs, or even empty paper towel rolls. These things will help naturally wear down your guinea pig’s teeth and keep them from getting too long.You should check your guinea pig’s teeth once a month to make that they are not getting too long.
If your guinea pig stops eating, its teeth may be sore and preventing it from eating properly. Consult your veterinarian about getting your animal’s teeth clipped., In order to keep your animal’s ears from becoming infected, you should check them every week and clean them every two weeks. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the part of the ear that you can see. Be careful not to delve too deep into the animal’s ear, as this can hurt it and impact debris in the ear canal, which can in turn result in an infection.A drop of mineral oil on the cloth may also help with the cleaning process.

, Both male and female guinea pigs have a grease gland on their lower back. Male guinea pigs are particularly greasy and secrete a sticky and pungent oil from this area when they are courting females or fighting other males. This grease can build up on your guinea pig’s hair and skin, making your animal smell bad and lead to an infection of the gland. Use a cotton swab with a non-abrasive oil or soap to clean the area of grease., Your guinea pig may get fleas at some point. The best way to deal with this problem is to give your animal a bath and scrub it with shampoo. To avoid fleas in general, you should regularly clean your guinea pigs cage and change out its bedding.Do not use flea removers designed for other animals. This may make your guinea pig sick and kill it.

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