How to Groom a Guinea Pig



Know when to trim your animal’s nails.,
Place the guinea pig in your lap or on a flat surface.,
Hold its foot.,
Cut the nail at an angle.,
Dip its nail in styptic powder if you cut too deeply.

Guinea pig nails grow constantly and need regular grooming. You should cut your guinea pig’s nails once every four to six weeks in order to keep them maintained. You can cut the nails yourself or take the animal to a veterinarian for clipping.The veterinarian or a vet tech will likely show you how to trim you guinea pig’s nails if you are unsure.
You can use a pair of human nail clippers or a blunt tip pair designed specifically for trimming the nails of small animals. The smaller opening of the human clippers makes it more difficult to cut off too much of your guinea pig’s nail.

, When you go to trim your animal’s nails, sit the guinea pig in your lap or on a stable surface, like a counter or a table. Hold the guinea pig in place with your non-dominant hand and use your other hand to operate the clippers.If your guinea pig squirms a lot, you might want to ask someone to hold the guinea pig while you trim its nails.

, Grab one of its feet and hold it firmly in your hand. You want to hold it firmly enough that it does not move while you are cutting its nails, but not so tightly that your hurt its foot. Try to spread the foot between your fingers to make it easier to get to the nails.If your animal is making noises like it is in pain, you may be squeezing its foot too tightly.

, Inside a guinea pig’s nail is a blood vessel known as the “quick.” You will want to cut your animal’s nails at an angle in order to avoid cutting into the quick, as cutting the quick can be very painful and result in bleeding. Try clipping the tip of the nail at a 45 degree angle to avoid cutting into the quick.If you animal’s nails are light colored, you should be able to see the quick as a pink coloring in the nail. However, if they are dark, you may need to shine a light up from underneath them in order to see the quick.
If you do not regularly cut your guinea pig’s nails, they may curl backward into the pads of the foot and result in severe pain and possibly infection., If you cut into your guinea pig’s quick, dip the wound into styptic powder, which is an antihemorrhagic agent. This will stop the bleeding and help numb the pain from the cut.

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