How to Groom a Cockatiel



Provide a small dish for the bird to clean itself.,
Bathe the bird under running water.,
Mist the bird with a squirt bottle.A third option for cleaning your cockatiel is to obtain a squirt bottle of average proportions.,
Do not use soap when washing your bird.,
Let your cockatiel dry.

Birds often enjoy bathing themselves and keeping clean. Offer your bird a small dish or bowl filled halfway with lukewarm, chlorine-free, filtered water.Use a ceramic bowl; the heavier weight will prevent the bird from spilling it or knocking it about. Remove and clean the dish when the cockatiel has completed its grooming routine.;
, Instead of providing a small dish for your cockatiel to clean itself, you can place your bird in the sink of your kitchen, or place it beneath the bathroom shower. Attach a shower perch to the side of the shower or sink and sit your bird on it. If you place the cockatiel in the sink, it helps if the sink head has a multi-stream spray option which mimics the expulsion of water from a showerhead. If it does not, simply turn the faucet on so that a steady stream of lukewarm water comes out. In either case, bathe the cockatiel well by moving the faucet over and around the it on all sides.

If you opt to wash the cockatiel in the shower, remove the shower head. If your shower head is not removable, move the shower perch into and through the water. The cockatiel should be wet all over.
Do not open the faucet so far that the force of the water is excessive or the bird will be unable to clean itself.
After the bath, replace your bird in its cage and allow it to preen itself.
After the cockatiel has completed its grooming routine, replace it in its cage and disinfect the sink. Use a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water. Alternately, you could poor boiling water over the surface of the sink.Be sure to remove sink mats, dish drainers and other objects which may have been contaminated by your bird’s cleaning in the sink.

, Fill it with filtered, chlorine-free, lukewarm water. Adjust the nozzle such that when the handle is depressed, it emits not a single long squirt, but a fine mist. From a distance of nine to twelve inches, aim the nozzle in the bird’s direction and depress the handle two or three times. The bird will then be able to groom itself.

Cockatiels enjoy being sprayed with the misting bottle. It allows grease and oils to run off their feathers.

, Human shampoo and soap can take away your bird’s powder down, and result in unhealthy plumage. Antibacterial soaps, furthermore, are toxic to birds. Never use antibacterial soaps on or around birds, including when washing their cages or toys. Unless your cockatiel gets oil or other toxins on it, do not use soap when washing.

If your bird does require soap, use a mild glycerin soap and rinse it thoroughly. Wash the bird’s body only, not its face. Set your bird in a deep dish or tub filled with soapy water up to its chest and scrub gently., Your cockatiel should be allowed to dry in the air naturally.Unless the weather is very warm, keep the windows closed to ensure your cockatiel doesn’t catch a chill. For the same reason, you should always bathe your cockatiel in the morning, not at night. You might want to move its cage close to a sun-lit window or provide a bird lamp for your cockatiel to accelerate the drying process.

Do not use a blow-dryer on your cockatiel, as many blow-dryers contain nonstick coating on their heating coils, which can be toxic to birds.

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