How to Groom a Cockatiel



Check the length of the cockatiel’s nails.,
Have the nails trimmed by a vet or trained professional.,
Get a friend to hold the bird steady for you.,
Look for the quick.,
Clip carefully.

Generally, the nails are too long if the toe is unable to make full contact with the ground when the cockatiel is placed on a flat surface.Another way to evaluate whether the nails are too long is to pay attention to the feeling of the bird’s nails when they perch on your hand or arm. If the nails are so sharp that they cut, scratch, or cause pain in your arm, it’s time to get them trimmed., Before doing it yourself, it will help to see a pet shop employee or veterinarian trim your cockatiel’s nails. This way, you’ll know how to properly trim them when you try it yourself.Even if you can’t be present to see hem actually do it, it will help to observe the length of the nails before and after being trimmed. You can use these measurements to get an idea of how long the nails should be in the future.

A list of cockatiel breeders is available at Some cockatiel breeders offer grooming services.
A list of avian vets is available through the Association of Avian Veterinarians at
Another list of avian vets is available through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners animal specialist database at

, The trimming is much easier when you have a partner. Your partner should wrap the bird in a small towel to prevent it from flapping and moving too much when it’s having its nails trimmed., The quick is a fine blood vessel that runs through the center of the nail. While it’s easy to spot in lutinos and light-colored cockatiels, it can be harder to see in gray-footed cockatiels, or those with dark toenails. Cutting the quick will result in a dangerous, bloody mess on your cockatiel’s foot. If you cannot see the quick, consider having a specialist cut the bird’s nails, or err on the side of caution when cutting the cockatiel’s nails.If you accidentally cut the quick, check the severity. Sometimes a small cut will stop quickly after a few drops of blood are spilt.
Have some styptic sticks on hand as part of your cockatiel first-aid kit. Styptic sticks are agents which promote hemostasis (the process by which bleeding stops) and are available at pet stores. If you do not have any styptic sticks and the bleeding is profuse, dip the bleeding foot in cornstarch or flour to staunch the flow.

, Cockatiel nails can be clipped with a regular nail clipper, but these might be too large and make the task more difficult than it need be. Instead, try a baby nail clipper or a specially-designed nail clipper for birds and cats.These are available at pet stores or online.

Do not cut the quick when clipping.

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