How to Go from Friend to Girlfriend



Pretty yourself up!,
Flirt, flirt, flirt!,
Talk about things you both like and throw in some jokes.,
Be yourself.,
Just come out and say it.

Your guy friend will notice the extra time you spend to look nice when you’re around him and will appreciate it. All you need to do is do your hair in a pretty way (straightened, curled, braided, etc.) and put on some makeup. Be careful not to put on too much makeup; don’t go overboard and look ‘easy’. If you need help with makeup, ask a friend, older sister/cousin, or look up makeup guides on YouTube. Also, wear some cute clothes that you love and feel confident and beautiful in. Try to make them a little form-fitting, but again, don’t go overboard.;
, He will never know that you want to be more than friends if you don’t act like you want to be more than friends! Twirl your hair or play with his hair and don’t forget to smile and laugh. Don’t act like an airhead, though! Be smart and confident. Never play hard to get; it will confuse him. Just be a flirtier version of yourself.

, Don’t be afraid to talk to him; he’s your guy friend, isn’t he? Talk to him about the usual stuff and throw in some humor here and there. Try to see how he reacts when you ask to make plans to go see a movie or something.

, If you’re not yourself, he will be more confused than ever. Don’t change who you were when you were just his ‘friend who’s a girl’. Be who you are, otherwise he won’t get to know the real you! Don’t make everything you’ve worked for with him a lie.

, Ask him if he likes you, or tell him you like him. This might not be a great idea, but if you believe that all the signs are there, then go for it. If you don’t say anything, you’ll always wonder “What if I had told him that I liked him?”. Don’t regret not doing anything. If you take that leap of faith and he doesn’t like you back, move on and ask him to try to stay friends. Don’t let it become awkward. Don’t let it get you down! If he can’t appreciate the real you then that’s his loss and you don’t need that.

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