How to Give Your Pig a Bath



Choose a snack that your pig loves.,
Use a gentle pet shampoo.,
Fill 4 large buckets with warm water.,
Use the treats to coax your pig to the bathing spot.

Keep feeding your pig the treats as you use the cloth to get the pig wet.,
Suds up the piggy while giving him treats one at a time.,
Pour the clean warm water slowly over your pig to rinse him.,
Dry him off with towels.

You’ll need to figure out what snacks you’ll need to give your pig so it will behave while you bathe it. Pigs will do anything for food, and since they have the propensity for obesity, it’s best to choose snacks that are low in calories. You’ll need a lot of treats to bathe your pig. Popcorn, cheerios, and raisins are good low-calorie treats to use for this task.;
, Don’t use dish soap or anything harsh that can burn your pig’s eyes.

, Take the water, shampoo, treats and a washcloth to the spot where you’re planning on bathing your pig. A small confined area such as their pig run is best.

,, Your pig will want to walk away and will make a fuss, but the treats will always bring him back.

, Use care on your pig’s face, avoiding his eyes. Piggies love to have their hind quarters and bellies scrubbed. Make sure to get the area between their legs and belly and behind their ears.

, Use care to make sure you get the suds on his underside.


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