How to Give Your Guinea Pig a Good, Healthy Diet



Select a good pellet.,
Add Hay.,
Give him Vegetables.,
Fruit should be a treat every now and again.,
Unlimited fresh water.,
Know which Foods that are dangerous.,
Alternatively, have Homemade treats.,
Limit foods.

Make sure the pellets you select have nutritional value. Use alfalfa based pellets for guinea pigs under 6 months old and timothy based pellets for older guinea pigs. Use a plain pellets without any added seeds or colored bits. Make sure that the pellets is fortified with stabilized vitamin C. Choose pellets that are plain and have no added seeds, dried treats, or anything extra. If you do so, your guinea pig won’t eat the pellets and just eat the treats.;
, Hay is extremely important. Your guinea pig should have constant access to it. Use Timothy hay or a very good quality meadow hay.

, One adult guinea pig should have 1 cup of veg per day. Like humans guinea pigs do not make their own vitamin c and rely on their diet.

, Oranges can cause sores in the mouth so should be limited to one slice per week.

, Seems obvious but important.

, In order to give a good diet you need to know foods that are dangerous the following website has a good list:

, If you have a chemical free grass with nothing dangerous and cats/dogs don’t use as the bathroom your guinea pig will love to graze there. Make sure the grazing area doesn’t contain many bugs that will hurt your guinea pig’s digestive system.

, You can easily bake treats for your guinea pigs every now and again. Just Google “Homemade guinea pig treat recipes”

, Exercise is important so your guinea pig does not become overweight. You can fence your guinea pig in your backyard and let him roam around. Just make sure there is no pesticide or chemical spray.

, Don`t overfeed your guinea pig as tempting as it is.

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