How to Give Your Budgie a Bath



Fill a shallow bowl with lukewarm water.,
Put a towel under the cage.,
Place the bowl in the bottom of the cage.,
Let the budgie play.,
Let your bird dry off.,
Clean out the bath.

Water should only be an inch or two deep. It shouldn’t be too cold, as budgies are susceptible to cold.

You can also find baths that attach to the side of your bird’s cage.
If you find your bird doesn’t like the bowl of water, you can also try wet grass or greens at the bottom of a (clean) cage. Your bird will enjoy rolling in them as a way of bathing.You don’t need to use soap.;
, If you’re worried about water splashing out, set a towel under the cage. It will help catch the splashing.

, Set the bath in the bottom of the cage where your budgie can jump in. Make sure it’s on a level surface.

If you prefer, you can also fill up your sink with a small amount of water. Take the budgie in there, and close the door so she can’t fly away. However, make sure your sink is clean first.

, Budgies will splash and flutter in the water. The splashing is the budgie giving themself a bath. Most budgies enjoy the process immensely.If you’re budgie doesn’t jump in immediately, give her a chance to get used to it. If he or she still doesn’t hop in, you may want to move on to the next method., Your bird will shake herself to get the water off. However, make sure that the area they are drying off in isn’t breezy or cool. You might want to cover his or her cage with a towel to help., After you bath your bird, take the bowl or bath out of the cage. Make sure to wash it out thoroughly and wash your hands when you’re done.

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