How to Give Up on Girls



Act with positivity.,
Remove yourself from “The Game”.,
Forgive wrongdoing against you.

It does no one any good if you act out against girls because you’re angry at all women, or blame them for your problems. You are the person in charge of your life, and you have to own that. No one is responsible for your actions but you- and this can be a freeing thought, because if you decide the ladies aren’t for you, it’s entirely your choice.

No one can tell you that you’re wrong.
Be kind and gentlemanly to women, even if you’ve decided that dating isn’t for you at the moment.;
, Making the choice to get away from girls, even for a while, has a certain gravity, and you may find that you gain a certain monastic clarity by giving up on the ladies. If you decide you’re fed up with the dating game, quit playing it. Making a clean break will help you gain perspective and give you a new and refreshing outlook on life.

It may be difficult, but when you find yourself getting hung up on those same negative thoughts about girls or a girl, remind yourself that it’s just not worth it.

, You’ll get nowhere by holding grudges, even if a girl left you for someone else, or you feel that you were led on, or had your heart stomped on. When you hold on to anger, it does no one any good, especially not you. Decide that you’ll be single for positive reasons, not negative ones. Focus on the positive aspects of being single, rather than the negative experiences you may have had with girls.

Give it time. When you experience heartbreak, the only thing that can really make it better is time.

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