How to Give Up on Girls



Focus on other things.,
Enjoy yourself.,
Get in shape.,
Have better friendships.,
Look forward to future possibilities.

When you make the decision to do without the ladies, you have an opportunity to focus your energies on other activities and interests. Without having to juggle romance, personal time, and work, you’ll find that you’ll have a lot more time to focus your energies on self-advancement.

Singlehood can be great for your career. When you are single, you can spend much more time being creative and exploring your passions.

, Now that you have overcome the heartbreak, and made a clean break from the romantic sphere, you will have found you have more free time on your hands for activities that you have always wanted to pursue. Did your girlfriend never want to go camping? Did she prefer to stay home and cook dinner rather than go to that restaurant you had been wanting to try? When you give up on girls, you can pursue all the activities that girls held you back from.

, Being single can have distinct advantages for your health. Single people are less likely to gain weight and you’ll have plenty of “me” time to exercise and get more in shape. Without the need to constantly worry about finding that next date, or stressing about a date went, you can redirect your energy into getting in shape and being physically healthy.

Join a gym.
Spend the time in the evening that used to be consumed with romance to jog, swim, or work out.

, When you have no need for a girlfriend, you have more opportunity to spend time with friends (even if they are girls). When you get the guys together, you won’t need to worry about getting home for dinner if you don’t want to. You’ll also have more of your income available to spend on things that you want to do, rather than having to compromise with your girlfriend.

As a single person, you are more likely to have close friends, and to keep in close contact with your siblings. Not having a romantic life means you have plenty of time for having fun and bonding with your platonic relationships- and this can fulfill the same needs as a love interest. , Giving up on girls doesn’t have to mean that you’re done with love and romance forever. It can be a rewarding time of self-reflection and enjoying your personal space and freedom. You can also use the opportunity to watch other couples and learn from their mistakes. Being on the outside looking, even for a while, in can have distinct learning advantages- and if you do decide to get back into meeting girls and dating, you’ll be better prepared to deal with all that you wanted to get away from.

When you take on the journey of abstaining from a romantic love, you have an opportunity to enter into a realm of possibility, adventure, and sheer fun- a realm of focusing on what’s best for you.
Make the most of it- you never know when that certain someone will stumble into your life, and you’ll find it rather difficult to maintain your vow of giving up on girls.

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