How to Give Up on Girls



Embrace singlehood.,
Live life for you.,
Stress less.,
Get over the stigma.,
Become a member of clergy.

Nowadays, being single can have distinct advantages. Whether it’s the extra time, the general freedom of movement, or simply getting to spend all your free time exactly the way you want, making the choice to disassociate yourself from romantic attachment can benefit you in the modern century in ways it might not have in past times. , One of the major advantages of singlehood is the sheer freedom to focus on yourself. Do what you want, when you want. Now you don’t have to be beholden to a significant other! When you give up on girls, you open the door to have a self- gratifying existence.

, As a single person, you are less likely to stress about chores and money. Enjoy the lack of stressors, and get out and have a good time with your new found freedom. Having less to stress about will make you happier, and open the way for you to enjoy your new-found freedom from girls and worrying about them.

, There has always been a stigmatized, stereotypical idea that single people are lonely and vulnerable. However, today more than ever, it simply isn’t true! More and more people in the modern world are finding the benefits of singlehood, and society is embracing that.

Singles are now a majority in the U.S. Just over fifty percent of Americans are now single. , If you become a priest, a nun, or enter into other monastic orders, the decision to give up on girls is already made for you! If you join an order for which celibacy is a prerequisite, you won’t have to worry about struggling with your decision, and you have the support of all your fellow celibates. You’ll also have a new path of self and spiritual exploration that will reduce your need to think about girls.

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