How to Give Signs to Your Crush You Like Him



Enter his social circle.,
Show interest in his likes and dislikes.,
Praise him and don’t compare him to other men.,
Use the right body language.,
Tell him how you feel.,
Always be nice to him.

By entering someone’s social circle, it becomes easier to spend more time with them. This will give you two a chance to grow comfortable together.

Give him a comparison. By spending more time with him, he can pick up on how you act differently around other people that you are not interested in. This will make it easier to see that you only act flirtatious with him.;
, By becoming interested in his favorite things, you are signaling that you two are compatible. This creates a mutual feeling of like-mindedness that is associated relationships.

, Compliment the qualities about him that you like and don’t be shy to compare him to other men. Show him that in your mind, he is “different” from other guys you know. Flirting with other guys is a way to show that others find you desirable (and that he should too), but don’t this can also send mixed messages that you are flirtatious with everyone. So follow up flirting with other men by clarify why you would much rather be with someone more like him.

, This is a subconscious way to flirt with him and display interest without having to verbally express yourself, which can be hard. All of the following body gestures display interest but have subtle difference in what they are attempting to subconsciously provoke.

Direct eye contact shows that you are listening. This is a direct way to show that you are genuinely interested not only in the conversation but also in him.

Slowly nodding while you are listening says that you “agree” with what he is saying. This signals that you are “compatible” in the way you think, and that you two would likely be compatible in a relationship.

Moistening or parting lips draws attention to your lips. This subconsciously implies you are preparing to kiss the other person–showing interest.

Looking sideways and upward creates an illusion of “doe” eyes. These signal vulnerability and interest in the conversation.

Feet pointed straight at the other person is a natural display of interest in him. This direct stance implies a lack of interests in everything else around the other person.

Legs crossed “into” him is showing a subtle interest in only him and that you are closing your legs (“self”) off from other things.

Sitting or standing closely (0-18inches) sets an intimate space between the two people. This implies that it is more than just a casual conversation, but in fact you are sharing intimate details with him.

Mirroring implies “compatibility.” By mirroring his gestures you are encouraging a mutual feeling of trust in what both of you are saying. For every 10 gestures that he does, mimic one or two of them.

Preening or grooming yourself, shows a desire to look presentable to the other person.

Frequent touching evokes a sensory feelings between two people. This is a strong showing of interest in the other person.

, This is the hardest thing to do because people are often scared of rejection. Being direct, however, is the best way to create a conversation about your feelings for each other. By saying “I like you,” he will be forced to confront how he feels about you. While you might not hear what you want, at least you will clear up any confusion that exists.

, Boys like girls who are always nice to him. Then, you would be able to naturally show how you like him. For example, text him on Facebook, Skype, or other social medias. If he answers you, he doesn’t hate you (At least!). If he likes you, he would be the one who sends the message first.

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