How to Give Easy to Notice Signs to a Girl You Like



Talk to her.,
Listen to her.,
Laugh at her jokes.,
Compliment her.,
Sit next to her in class.

Be helpful.,
Listen to her problems.,
Comfort her when she is sad.,
Stare at her.,
Flirt with her.,
Don’t flirt with other girls.,
Invite her over.,
Chat with her online.,
Remember her birthday.,
Give her a phone call.,
Tell her how you feel (If you’re gutsy enough).

Saying “Hi (name)” and smiling as you pass her is a good way of doing this. Ask her questions about herself (e.g. “How are you?”, “How did you go on the maths test?”). Be friendly.;
, When she talks to you, show interest in what she has to say. Make eye contact. Try to keep the conversation flowing.

, Even if they are lame.

, Give her compliments like “Your hair looks nice today,” or “That’s a pretty dress.” Every girl loves a compliment.

,, If she drops something, pick it up for her. If she doesn’t understand a math question, explain it to her.

, Sometimes a girl just needs someone to talk to about something bringing her down. Sympathize with her.If she brings up an issue of hers, make sure you listen attentively, and offer constructive advice (but don’t over-do the advice).

, If she is upset, be there for her. If you’re good friends with her, hug her (don’t do this if you think she definitely doesn’t like you).

, Don’t over-do this step, but occasionally let her catch you staring at her from afar. When she notices you staring, you can either smile (or wink if you think you can pull it off) or quickly look away.

, Playfully teasing her, poking her (gently), and stealing her pen from her are effective and easy ways of signalling to a girl you like her. If you want to take it up a notch, gently make contact with her hand.(You can incorporate this in other types of flirting, e.g. if you steal her pen, hold it in your hand so that if she wants her pen back she has to pry it from your hand). Also don’t overdo it, the girl may get annoyed.

, This gives her mixed signals, often resulting in her constantly questioning whether you like her or not.

, Show her that you want to socialize more with her. Ask her to the movies, to hang out with some friends, or ask her over to your house.

, And comment on some of her photos/wall posts on Facebook/Myspace but don’t overdo this.

, If you don’t know when it is, ask (by casually bringing it up in conversation). Give her a card or a small present on her birthday, or maybe even a hug.

, Every now and then, ring her, just to talk with her and see how she’s doing.

, This is quite obvious, but it gets the message across. Be confident, most of the time even if the girl doesn’t like you she will let you down easy and nothing is more annoying than a guy that likes you but won’t make a move.

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